Does saying this phrase out loud make you feel a little uncomfortable? Well, if it does it shouldn’t. Say it out loud to yourself a couple of times right now…..(pause)……(pause) Ok now let’s say it together. Ready? On the count of three 1…2…3…SUCK IT! See no big deal!

Today, I went to Suck it! Sweets in Studio City to Suck on a few sucksicles. What is a sucksicle you ask? A sucksicle is a all natural, gluten free frozen treat on a stick (think popsicle). So good! The chef here makes all her sucksicles on site daily and the flavors are always changing depending on what is in season and what is available at local farmers markets. As I walked into this very cute snack boutique I noticed a picture of a camera with a big X right in front of it. I said to myself “What? No pictures?” I could’ve easily took a few photos but decided to respect the owners wishes and not take any :( As I proceeded I immediately looked at the menu and placed my order. I already had an idea of what I wanted since the chef announces the flavors of the day on twitter. Gotta love that twitter! As I’m telling the chef what I want she is hand picking my sucksicles one by one out of the freezer and placing them in a paper bag for me to take home. I was a little worried they would melt so she placed a sandwich bag filled with ice in my bag. WHEW!!!! As the chef handed me my bag she asked “would you like to eat one now” I said “OF COURSE” she unwrapped the peanut butter banana chocolate chip and handed it to me. My first bite was so amazing that I purchased 2 more. So all together I bought 7 YES 7 sucksicles!!!! What in the world was I thinking? That means I’ve gotta add 2 more gym days this week…UGH! Oh well I have no regrets and you won’t either. I highly suggest you check this place out its in a super cute area that I think you all will enjoy. Also, if you go REMEMBER NO PICTURES!!

OH!! and another thing the chef is not the friendliest person but don’t let that intimidate you. You’re there to suck it not to make friends ;)

These are the 5 different flavors I came home with (peanut butter banana chocolate chip, dill, strawberry lemonade, banana pudding and german chocolate)

I’m going to try not to eat all of them and save them for my guest. So if you happen to come over my house in the next week or so ask me for a sucksicle and I’ll be more than happy to give you one.


The first 2 people who text or email me the phrase SUCK IT! Will win a special treat from ME :)

Good Luck and Happy Sucking!

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